Where I cook.

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Part of the annual Point Roberts Garden Tour, the Homegrown Food Co-op asked me to take photos while they answered the public’s questions and gave tours.

Andrew, Naomi, Acadia and all the volunteers work very hard to provide home-grown, organic fruit and vegetables to the Point, all grown here with love and dedication. In fact, we haven’t had to buy any produce, besides avocados, from the grocery store since we became co-op members.

Putting the local in Eat Local. Thumbs up, indeed.

Point Roberts Homegrown Co-op

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Beach rules: When you see an eagle eating something, investigate. Now.

Providence Canyon, Georgia

Rolleiflex & Kodak Portra 160

One of our neighbours.

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10 Signs from Thomaston Mill


Concrete, Washington

- manandhisworld (thanks for our first non-Australian submission)

Hey countrytowns thanks for publishing my photo, just in time for the 4th, my first in the USA.

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Providence Canyon, Georgia

"The Grand Canyon of the East"

Rolleiflex & Kodak Portra 160

It’s not often that my trusty Rollei, nor Portra, fails me (or, more likely, I fail it), but I was happier with the photos I took with my iPhone that day. Regardless, since I have more time to go through my archives than I do for developing my film backlog, I’ll be posting some of the better photos from the past few months.

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